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ABOUT US People-First, Purpose-Driven

With decades of experience managing all types of hospitality properties we have built capabilities to manage all facets of the business. P is for Product.

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You'll need toilet paper for this mess! Hotel Operations are not simple. From managing a leaky faucet to a disgruntled customer or remembering to order waffle mix. Wait! Did you set the rates higher for that special holiday weekend? Oh, where were we... oh, the toilet paper-2 ply or 1 ply? 1 ply will shave your costs, but remember that disgruntled customer--well, you get the point!

Running a hotel is hard.

Perigon Hospitality takes the guesswork out of the guest work from both the mundane and the stressful. One of the integral Ps is Product.

Here's how we do it:



Hospitality Accounting is a nuanced discipline that requires a discrete understanding of hotel performance metrics such as ADR, RevPAR, Occupancy Rates, and more. You need to forecast to set budgets. You can’t budget unless you optimize distribution and manage yield. The Perigon Team is well versed in Hotel Accounting Standards and has developed the bookkeeping systems to forecast and track performance and ensure our client hotels we manage outperform their compset in gross revenue and NOI.


Our team helps clients maximize resourcing of employees using specialized productivity management tools. We use sales forecasts to allocate human resources effectively and can also target housekeeping hours per occupied room, facilities and maintenance costs, etc. Our goal is to manage efficiently to improve your hotel's bottom line.


The Perigon Team specializes in value-add opportunities and revitalization of underperforming hotel properties. We have the track record of transforming properties by repositioning them from not just a branding exercise, but through planning, design, and extensive remodeling or construction.

Hotel design requires an understanding of guest dynamics and much more... Will housekeeping be efficient with this furniture and floor plan? Are the facilities ADA compliant? What type of room type mix will maximize revenue. Hotel design is not just about fancy interior decoration. Our Team has led countless remodels and is proficient in all aspects of building hotels.



Do you have all of your MSDSes on file? Material Safety Data Sheets for those of you unfamiliar with the acronym. Do you know how to balance your pool chemicals? Are the evacuation plans up to date? Facility Management is a major element of your hotel operations and integral to the health, safety, and quality of your hotel product.

Perigon has operated hotels in some of the most challenging locations where we’ve learned to basically operate our own town, managing utilities from septic, water, and electric generations. With our experience, processes, and facilities management tools, let’s just say operating a hotel in a city is piece of cake.


We have been able to build quite the rolodex with our decades of experience in the hospitality industry. We are able to source materials, equipment, and supplies at the lowest costs with our diverse network of suppliers. We have contracts with national and regional supply companies, and our experience with facilities management provides insight into what you need when you need it, and how much you need. The Perigon Team knows where to buy from and how much such materials or supplies should cost.



Need to make dollars and sense about a hotel deal? Uh… Cap Rates are flawed. We’re pragmatic, analytical, and understand the business, probably better than most. We are happy to consult with you on the merits of a hotel deal and help you see angles you might not have seen otherwise. Get a rounded opinion on your hotel deal shaping.